¿Qué es el firewall de seguridad de Internet? Todo lo que necesitas saber

What is internet security firewall? All you need to know

When it comes to network security, it is very likely that the first topic addressed is antivirus, they are generally identified as the most viable protection option. However, the Firewall is considered to be one of the best network security features, it is ideal for preventing “infected” traffic and data flow from reaching the network.

You will see in this article everything you need to know how it works and why it is so important for the devices that we use in our daily lives.

About the Firewall

The Firewall security system was created in the 1980s and was born from the need to create a security feature that had the ability to restrict access between internet networks. In the beginning, the use of the internet was limited only to the use of academic institutions in addition to the military, however, there was a great advance, and home networks emerged, with this increasing the need to protect data.

If the internet worked without a filter, it would be too vulnerable to be invaded and accessed by the growing burgeoning community of malicious hackers. The filter created was named Firewall, or on the wall of fire, in the Portuguese translation.

In computer networks, the firewall is a resource with the responsibility of filtering all the information that reaches a network, thus guaranteeing its security and that of its data. If any data that passes through the filter is considered to be malicious, it can no longer be accessed and will be blocked automatically.

Nowadays, the data flow is high due to the recent models of information transmission over the internet, this is where the Internet security firewall is crucial for you to securely filter all data that arrives to enter the networks domestic or corporate. It was thinking about security and safety of data that are transferred in droves every day that the Firewall was created, and today it is one of the most secure and complete filters that a system can have.

Firewall types

The Firewall applies a large system of rules for better filtering of information that arrives over the network, but they have different functions and are not executed in the same way. There are three types of Firewall, they are the packet filter, the proxies and the state inspection.

Packet Filter

As its name says, this type of firewall is responsible for filtering packets, it analyzes all packets on the network, both those sent and those received. In general, it filters the information from the packages and passes the trusted ones and blocks the suspicious or infected packages.

There are many network ports allowed to send data, but in some specific ones, malicious data traffic can occur. Therefore, firewall packet filtering is crucial to identify malicious requirements and ensure security.

Application (Proxy)

This firewall rule is considered highly secure, as it protects online resources by disguising the IP address of its users and filtering all incoming messages. This feature can be used by large companies, as it offers security and a better experience on the internet, in addition to being able to improve network performance.

Data inspection

This type of Firewall has the responsibility of examining the data flow from end to end in the network. They make use of strict rules to prevent unauthorized or malicious data traffic, analyzing headers and analyzing the status of incoming packets. Data inspection formats are considered to be the most secure, because they do not analyze packets, but rather information before receiving and sending information.

Firewall software

As already mentioned above, the Firewall was developed to analyze all the packets sent to you, as they arrive through the network ports, you will only have access to data from the packets sent, if they pass through the firewall filtering. Some operating systems, such as Windows, already have their own firewall, such as Windows Defender, in which case it is not necessary to do the installation, as the feature is already contained in the Windows functionality. But several smartphone apps are still available that promise to increase your security and data security.

Firewall working with Hardware

Many companies that have a high flow of information, frequently entering and leaving their devices, may have equipment dedicated to having the security of the Firewall rules. Having a machine dedicated only to security, it is very likely that it will be able to process more information and more quickly, in addition to security of course.

Home routers can also function as a firewall, with direct action on computers that are connected to your network. This is the protection that prevents anyone with malicious intent, it makes it no longer possible to connect to the Wi-Fi network without being given permission or without the access key.

Currently, the firewall is considered one of the most secure security features, when it comes to network protection that we currently have in relation to connecting computers. It is very important to maintain equipment maintenance in days.

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