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What attraction marketing is and how it impacts lead generation?

Nowadays, people use the internet as a source of access to various information. And of course, they use this medium to find products and services that solve problems. But how to make a company stand out in the midst of so many others that appear on search engines? And how to attract new customers?

Certainly these are questions that many entrepreneurs often ask. After all, it is worrying to see that the company can be just one more in the thousands, however the marketing actions of attraction are important for brands to stand out in the digital environment and, at the same time, work the generation of leads.

As its name says, these marketing strategies aim to attract potential consumers to get to know the brand better. You can then create a relationship with these people and turn them into a real customer. These three steps are guided by exchanging information between the public and the company.

Attraction marketing , also called Inbound Marketing, is an important tool for generating leads in digital media – and quite advantageous,because it has a much smaller investment than traditional advertising, allowing companies of any size to use these strategies to achieve their business objectives.

How attraction marketing works?

Inbound Marketing takes advantage of today’s habits of consumers to work on lead generation. The majority of the public does not believe in traditional advertising, that is, consumers are no longer impressed if a company only announces that the producer or service is the best on the market.

On the other hand, marketers have realized that people in digital media are attracted to content that is relevant to them. When they search for answers to some problem, they then use the internet to find out. With this, the opportunity arises to hook the consumer who may be interested in the brand.

It is in this way that the marketing of attraction acting determine the target audience of the company, discover its behaviors and the channels most used by them, it is possible to produce content with subjects directed to this potential client.

With the help of landing pages and sponsored links, this consumer is attracted to the company’s website because of information that adds value to it. Producing quality-rich material is important not only to gain prominence on search engines, but also to show that the brand knows about what and who you’re talking to.

From the first visitors, it is possible to offer something more and exclusive to them through a registration. For example, receive first-hand information through a newsletter or e-book with a specific theme. By capturing this first information from users, the lead generation process begins to work.

Develop relationship

Attraction marketing will work a lot with the consumer-company relationship. Some say that this phase of lead generation aims to humanize organizations. And that will have a big influence on the sales funnel.

By producing relevant content with the function of attracting consumers, this information can be important to gain credibility among potential customers. Therefore, it is important to explore the communication channels that give organizations the ability to talk to their target audience.

Social networks have a strong power in building relationships and generating leads. By working with content that is of interest to target, you can establish a “friendship” with followers and turn them into leads. At the same time, the company can hear what the consumer needs at that time.

This exchange of information promoted by attraction marketing awakens the consumer’s desire for the brand. Later, the sales team will have less difficulty addressing him, as he already knows and trusts the company in question.

Present the solution to the consumer

As stated earlier, by identifying the target audience, many actions can be developed to attract the consumer to the company’s website. And many lead generation strategies can be developed with this.

We can take an English school as an example. As part of an attraction marketing action, alanding page is developed with an online and free test. Through an excellent work of sponsored links, the user is taken to this page.

After a basic registration for lead generation, the visitorperforms a test and the result points out their strengths and weaknesses with tips to improve their performance. But because it’s on an English school’s website, it can look for more information or language tips.

With the contact of this visitor, it is possible to resume this conversation by digital media or by phone. In this way, the company demonstrates that it is concerned about it and that it can provide a solution to the language problem. From this moment on, the user becomes a lead and a few steps away from becoming a student.

And all this happened because of an attraction marketing work with the focus of generating leads. Having a creative marketing team is important to get out of the common place and still generate business opportunities for the brand.

Low investment, high return

The main attraction of attraction marketing is its low investment cost. This is due to the possibility of making more targeted actions or ads in digital media. They are developed only to reach the company’s target audience. In many cases, the campaign amount is charged per click or conversions.

At the same time, lead generation is much more satisfying, bringing many more potential customers to brand. What can be considered the second advantage of ad targeting: Only people within the audience profile will be impacted.

If we compare with traditional media, the investment will be much higher and will reach different types of people. And most of them may have no interest in the products or services offered by the brand, being a high investment with a much lower than expected return.

Using this as a parameter, the reasons that lead companies to work with attraction marketing with a focus on lead generation are clearer – favoring from large brands that need to reach new audiences to those that are entering the market and need to find potential customers.

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