Registrar el nacimiento de un bebé en Blockchain - Aclarar dudas

Registering a baby’s birth on Blockchain – Clarify doubts

The title may seem a little strange to you, but that’s exactly it. When we hear that digital currency is only the first form of use and not the only one of this innovative technology, it is precisely this type of use that we are referring to.

For example, let’s say a baby is born on a Friday night, and all registries are already closed, making the anxious father have to wait until Monday to realize his dream of registering that child. Simple, just register it on the Bitcoin blockchain. “What? ”, You ask yourself, that’s right, blockchain is one of the many ways that Bitcoin has to offer us, an innovative and incredibly accessible technology.

Since the blockchain is a database that under no circumstances can be changed or damaged, where information is recorded, that is, a platform that is impossible to hack, change or damage, we can use it to record anything cybernetically. To certify the existence of a document, authenticate, title deeds, shares, assets.

This is where the birth record fits, we know that the birth certificate is a record of where, when and at what time that child was born, so we also know that in most registries this certificate will be kept digitally too , so in Blockchain we have a super-secure platform that remains operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and every day of the year.

So with a tool like this, anyone, anytime, anywhere can in a matter of minutes, at an insignificant cost, without even knowing who was the registrar who registered, and the same without needing to know what he registered.

And the best part, that through this, every day and hour we are sure that that record will never be altered or lost, regardless of how much time passes, which is just the opposite of the conventional way we use, because the more time passes we are insecure that it may be lost or lost, and even erased.

How valid is this record?

This type of record now has no legal validity, but this growth indicates that this fact will soon be changed. Because with the rise of modernity, registrations on the blockchain will have full value under the law. This is the case of having a technology that costs much cheaper, works with much more practicality and speed and with a much greater security and stability, therefore, there is no way to prevent its growth.

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