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It turned out to be common for us to read in newspapers or websites about entrepreneurs who managed to be very successful with the help of the internet. And precisely because of this success, they end up attracting new or traditional companies to the large network, where they invest in the implementation of an e-commerce to achieve better results.

Who is starting in this medium for sure asks themselves: How do I increase the number of my internet sales?

Today one of the biggest challenges is to get people to buy in the midst of the crisis we are experiencing in the country. Thousands of people can visit your page, but it doesn’t mean that everyone intends to buy, much of it just closes the window quickly or doesn’t finish the purchase process.

This is where we need to understand: why the process is not finalized.

  • Price?
  • Complex Page?
  • Security?
  • Stock?
  • Service?

Let’s Recap

Everything you need to know about the practical part we’ve talked about here, so let’s recap quickly so you understand my reasoning.

Service: What do I need to do?

  • Approach
  • Sympathy
  • Kindness
  • Problem Solving
  • Knowledge
  • Trading Ability
  • Closure

Target Audience: What do I need to know?

  • Knowledge of Tastes
  • Knowledge of purchase history
  • Knowledge of the type of person who buys on the site
  • Sales Techniques
  • Negotiation
  • Closure

Site: What do I need to have?

  • Responsive and nice layout
  • Working and accessible pages
  • Security Items for purchase
  • Online service for as long as possible
  • Promotions
  • Negotiation
  • Closure

Now that we’ve recapitulated what we’ve shown in the previous articles, let’s get to what really matters.

To increase your internet sales you need to check the body from the inside.

Let’s ask the following questions:

  • Are the items I sell of consumption of my target audience?
  • Can the items I sell be “married” to others on my own website?
  • Is my price in line with the market?
  • Do I have the possibility to do promotions or campaigns to call more customers?

After you answer these questions, you’ll know what I’m getting at. Do you want to see it?

Show that you understand the subject

How you might want to increase your internet sales, or you have the slightest idea what your target audience likes. Example: An online shoe store is in the middle of winter and the item that had the biggest output were the high-top suede boots of x brand.

It is obvious that you should reset the stock as soon as possible of this item to sell more, and not try to sell short-barreled boots. How do you think your customer will feel when you see that the high-top stock is empty and what the new shipment is just short-barreled? You did not understand the need of it, in two clicks he will buy in the online store of the competition without even blinking his eye.

Want another example: You know that the largest amount of online sales is made through credit card, with the facilities that banks provide from virtual card or credit, it is mandatory you have the most used flags on your site to accept payments.

And you either don’t have credit card support, or you only accept one or two flags, but that traditional one, which much of the B/C audience uses you don’t accept. What do you think your sales look like?

We don’t go very far, an example of this was the Hypercard Card. I got tired of seeing stores that did not accept this card, which began as a card for purchases in markets and gradually went to various utilities and today has a credit system and bank loan.

Then I ask you: I only have Hypercard, I’ll buy a shoe in your store and I see frustrated that only accepts Master or Visa, obviously I buy in the competitor on the side that accepts my card. Minus a sale for you. Of course this was in the past, today most e-commerce accept various types of cards and flags, but this is an example of how ease increases your sales.


Another detail: the products. How are the descriptions on your site?

There is nothing more terrifying than entering a website and the description being the one copied and pasted from the manufacturer, full of technical specifications, but informing how it does, what it does and how it works, necas.

Use and abuse your imagination, descriptions should awaken the visitor’s will ingness to buy with you, show that it is different from the other.

It makes everything always clear to the customer and also as complete as possible so that the visitor does not seek references on other pages.

Create a blog about topics related to your products or make demo videos about the goods. Inform your customer, make it clear that you know what you are offering and add value to your store. If you can’t assemble the descriptions yourself, ask your team for help or hire a specialized agency. This is a fundamental aspect to your business, no one buys anything in the dark. No information, can’t you?

Outside that one aspect that counts a lot for Uncle Google at the time of ranking your site on the first pages is the SEO, and one of the analyses done is if there is copy index on the internet. So jump out of the gongiar, write in your own words, or hire someone.

But beware: Do not put more assignments than the product has, put what you know will be fulfilled. Misleading advertising, besides being a crime, gets very bad with customers.

An important point: Market price pay attention to this. It is no use selling over the internet and putting the price up there, even though it is of the best possible quality, has no connection the visitor buy with you and not in the cheapest.

I’m not saying it can’t be more expensive, but not 200% more, you need to stick to the logic to have good sales and of course negotiate with your supplier about price, form and payment term influence directly with your customer. Because that’s what the sale is going to happen on top of.

Create promotions and get your customer

Anyone in the world likes promotions. And the internet makes it easier for them to find an offer. Always offer free gifts, discounts or free shipping on purchases above a certain amount. Believe me, these treats make customers return. And so the average ticket of your e-commerce is gradually increasing.

Invest in advertising to be seen

The site can be perfect, you work well with promotions and deliver everything at the right time. But people need to know your page. Working with ads to attract potential customers is an excellent alternative.

Creating a great marketing strategy and investing in advertising is a great way to increase the number of internet sales. Today ads can be made with sponsored links on search sites or social networks. If necessary, hire a specialized agency to run this service for your company.

And even if you don’t have an e-commerce, it’s still worth investing in digital marketing. Keep in mind that people search everything on the internet, and soon they can find your company’s website and close deals with you.

Take it easy

Many entrepreneurs believe that overnight the number of internet sales will increase after making an announcement. It is important to be aware that a campaign takes a few months to mature and achieve an effective result. If you have hired an agency, take it easy and do not blame the professionals as many entrepreneurs do. Wait for the return and continue your work.

Another common mistake because of despair (or lack of experience) is spam. Sending email to multiple people can cause them to report your site and because of that their online reputation is negative. No one likes SPAM, always remember this!

Let the wheel spin and grow

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Alone or with the help of experts, putting these tips into action will surely achieve the result you expect. Nothing happens for free or overnight. With commitment, focus and persistence the results will come with time.

Take it easy and analyze all the possibilities.

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