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How to Use Performance Marketing for Lead Generation

Focusing on results, Performance Marketing became a strategy adopted by several companies for Lead Generation. Much of this is due to the low cost of investment with the possibility of having better capture of customers than traditional means.

In digital media, this model works very well because of the transparency and ease of measuring the performance of campaigns. Thus, metrics and other indicators are essential for the work to be performed in order to achieve the established goals and objectives. Something very important for organizations that have corporate blogs and other Actions of Inbound Marketing, as well as e-commerce stores.

By being able to identify this information more dynamically, understand audience behavior and improve Lead Generation performance. Allied to this, Performance Marketing has an advantage an economic factor. For example, brands that perform ads on digital media have the ability to pay only for the positive results achieved.

Regardless of the company’s industry, Performance Marketing strategies will be successful if well executed. They can be deployed in a small e-commerce store early on or in large companies with a focus on B2B, for example.

Planning first

It is important to note that the effects expected by Performance Marketing with a focus on Lead Generation only had an effect with a well-defined planning. Understand the behavior of the target audience in digital media. Understand your habits to be able to choose which are the best channels to act. And even, which of these means can generate better financial return and increase of the average ticket.

With this information you can direct the best paths to perform the actions. They are very important for brands that will invest in ads targeted in digital media, for example. You need to know which keywords will be important to get the lead’s attention.

By determining the target audience and knowing what the issues are of interest to you, you can also deploy Inbound Marketing actions. Creating articles for the corporate blog, for example, that can attract new visitors and thus work the Lead Generation through this channel.

Lower cost, better results

As stated in the introduction, Performance Marketing stands out for having a much smaller investment than other forms of advertising, for example. This is because campaigns are developed based on the cost-per-acquisition concept. Also known as CPA.

Lead Generation campaigns on digital media can be more targeted with the intention of reaching only the target audience. And yet, the amount paid refers to the number of clicks or conversions that were generated for the brand. For example, the sale of a product in an e-commerce or accesses made through sponsored links.

Because of this, the cost tends to be lower. On the other hand, it has an immense impact on Return On Investment (ROI), as results tend to be more effective than in traditional media.

Remembering that every time a person is registering on a landing page or subscribes to a newsletter on account of the actions, the work of Lead Generation begins to flow. The brand begins to build relationships with new consumers with the intention of transforming them into real customers.

Metrics, indicators and objectives

Performance Marketing will be very important to analyze all the steps of a sales funnel. From visitor attraction to conversion. And including, mainly, the performance of Lead Generation.

Metrics are extremely related to the objectives of the actions that the brand is developing. That is, when defining a marketing strategy it will also be necessary to establish which indicators need to be evaluated to understand the degree of success of a campaign.

Experts indicate three main areas of actions that can be measured through Performance Marketing:

  • Attract visitors: This is the first stage of the sales funnel. Here is evaluated the amount of people who access a landing page or corporate blog. In the same way it is possible to understand if this traffic of users happens organically, by sponsored links or actions of Inbound Marketing.
  • Lead Generation: Pointed out as one of the most important, here it is possible to identify the number of people who visited the page and showed interest in the service or product of the company. For example, you have completed a registration form within a landing page. With this data, you can develop new actions to turn the lead into a real customer.
  • Conversion: At this stage it is possible to actually measure how much it is necessary to invest in marketing actions to obtain a sale, for example. As well, how many people went through the previous two phases and decided to become a customer of the brand.

The information collected during these cycles that lead the consumer to conversion is very important to evaluate. Several Performance Marketing campaigns allow adjustments to be made with the intention of correcting errors and improving performance.

Because of this, it is important to emphasize that actions like this take time to mature. Many adjustments and tests can happen until the campaign act generating the results expected by the brand.

At the same time, marketers indicate developing campaigns targeted only for a particular goal. For example, raise the number of Lead Generation when accessing a given landing page.

Beneficial strategy for all

Naturally, the market orders companies to update themselves and invest in new practices to continue. And the focus on results is one of the main demands to stay on your feet within this brand fight.

Because of this, Performance Marketing is an excellent way to not only work lead generation, butimprove the performance of an organization as a whole. It guides the marketing team and facilitates the work of the sales team who want to win new customers.

And as stated earlier, the investment cost is very low compared to the lead generation return it can provide. What becomes extremely advantageous for a brand that is starting to operate in the market and needs new customers. So for older companies that need to find consumers for new releases.

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