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Digital Marketing Strategy: How to attract customers every day over the internet

The internet occupies today, much of the commercial public. Taking advantage of this engagement, many companies prefer to make ads, advertisements and advertising campaigns online, in order to sell more. But how to attract customers by making them buy a particular product from one site and not another?

There are some simple tactics and tools that will make people view a brand, product or service, and feel convinced to close the purchase as soon as they click on the online ad or advertisement.

Digital Marketing Strategies

The Digital Marketing strategy is how a company presents and sells its products on the Internet, using techniques, flashy texts, mental triggers, scripts and messages on a shopping site.

When conducting an internet search on a product, be it a piece of clothing, a medicine, a cable TV service, or even grocery shopping, thousands of options will appear from the most expensive, the average priced and even the cheapest. What will get a customer’s attention, convincing them to buy any object, are three basic sales strategies: attraction, capture, and conversion.

  • Attraction: as the name says, this step aims to attract people who do not know a particular brand, to a website. This can be done on social networks, emails, blogs and sales platforms.
  • Capture: at this stage, all people who visit a website, or a social network, they become leads, that is, a means to send your company content to them, via email, mobile text message (SMS), phone call, or Whatsapp, hoping that it will turn into a sale in the future.
  • Conversion: finally, conversion is the completion of all these processes together, culminating in monthly sales, business growth, customer loyalty and prospecting for new people.
  • Google AdWords: Based on these principles, an example of lead capture is this Google advertising platform, where ads and advertisements are displayed daily linked to the public to access whenever they want. This is the main source of income for the world’s largest search engine, generating nearly $37.9 billion in revenue from previous years.
  • Facebook Lead Ads: This tool also has a big impact on lead conversion, into sales for the company. In Brazil alone, there are more than 128 million Users of Facebook Lead Ads in search of new business and of course, more customers. Advertising on this platform, the probability that advertising will reach the right person is enormous. The social network is now also integrated with Instagram, which increases the range.
  • Create a website: create a professional andoptimized website, it is of great importance to be found by your customers. Don’t get behind in the competition, go ahead and create a website today for your business, with Landing Pages that present the most information to the public.

The most important points to note when attracting customers in your Digital Marketing strategy

Because it is a new area, internet sales should be constantly studied by those who own an online company.

  • Put some ideas for your online business on paper before you divulge them: if you had a brilliant idea, something innovative and missing in the market, calm down! Write in detail on paper, chat and exchange ideas with your company team, and see what feelings will be caused to people who view your ad.
  • When disclosing a product or service, create a flashy title that people want to click to learn more, being objective, clear and persuasive.
  • Provide important details to your future customers, in the advertisements and calls of your website. Start with a presentation of your company, the products you sell, and why you chose the internet to sell more. Choose your target audience by offering them the benefits of your brand, and what they earn by buying from your company, not from another.
  • Present your product, including mental triggers that will make the customer want to know more about what you are selling, and thus be surprised by the quality and organization of your company at the time of sales, such as scarcity and urgency, for example (latest units of a particular product, promotion valid only for today).
  • Invest in a professional website for your company, with flashy, colorful and clean templates from start to finish, without visual pollution. And if possible, admit people who know how to handle the website, always bringing the customer closer.
  • Include call-to-action buttons on your website, but without forcing them to buy anything, only to be directed to a page with more product information, earn gifts (such as free e-books that have to do with the theme of your website), discounts and exclusive coupons.
  • You can publish content about the products that your company sells, on blogs and websites of people engaged with this market, in order to bring that audience to your website (called guest posts).
  • Advertise your website on social networks(Facebook Lead Ads, Google AdWords),on blogs, Whatsapp groups and emails to your family, friends and acquaintances.
  • Present something innovative to your customers, a feature they’ve never seen before;
  • Schedule the promotions of your products, so that customers feel comfortable buying them regardless of the price marketed;
  • Use social networks to your advantage, and do not mix personal pages with professionals.
  • Be assertive and define your target audience well. Who do you want to achieve with your products? Your ads should call the customer to action.
  • Your site pages should contain forms, tags, and buttons that capture leads (potential new customers) for your business.
  • Offer your prospectus a gift, whether it’s a free e-book, a discount coupon for the next purchase, or something that makes you happy and piques interest in buying your product.
  • Build a contact list with the user’s permission to send your company’s emails to them, without being inconvenient.

To attract more customers to your online business, you need to get out of your comfort zone and find out for yourself, what you can do today to improve your customer relationship, and thus achieve new sales.

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