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Capturing New Customers using Lead Generation

No company can survive if you just wait for consumers to get to it. And that will hardly happen in the digital environment, a place where competition is even greater. Therefore, attracting new customers is an essential procedure to leverage the business and continue in the market.

In recent years, Lead Generation actions have become the main ways to create new business opportunities. This method has influence in all stages of the sales funnel and still produces better results with a much lower marketing investment than traditional models.

The process of attracting new customers involves arousing interest in the brand and its products or services. In this way, a relationship with the consumer and a database is built that will assist in several phases until conversion. The main function of Lead Generation is to turn potential customers into real customers.

However, this will be done in a more segmented way through media and messages directed to the company’s target audience. This marketing strategy uses a lot of the concept of attraction to reach new leads. That is, only the people really interested will be impacted by the message.

Currently, companies of all sizes use Lead Generation to expand the range of business opportunities. And organizations in any industry can use these means to get closer to their consumers.

Step One: Choose the target audience

Determining the target is an essential process for capturing new customers using Lead Generation. While the more traditional forms of advertising are considered too broad, ads will be much more targeted in the digital environment.

That’s why it’s important to know the consumer profile well. Understand what your desires, habits, and other information are that can drive your campaign. Because it is much more segmented and this data will be important. For example, they will help you choose which channels and message types can be most effective.

All of this will be essential for consumers to be attracted to clicking a sponsored link or for an ad to run on a social network. These tools allow excellent segmentation; and still have the advantage of allowing you to pay only for clicks or impressions, reducing the cost of action.

Lead Generation allows you to capture new customers with better quality. For, only those interested in the product or service will see the ad or access the landing page, for example. Unlike traditional advertising, it is technically served without targeting and ends up reaching people who are not part of the profile in question.

Deliver content

Attracting the consumer to the company page and talking only about yourself can be a big mistake. Much of the public uses digital media to seek information on certain subjects. And this can be a great bait to capture new customers when working with landing pages and sponsored links.

When searching search sites, a company may offer certain content that can help a potential consumer. And in this way, it can arouse interest in a product or service offered by the organization and register the email to receive newsletter. Stimulating lead generation and so it happens in a more natural way.

From this moment it is possible to establish a contact with this potential customer. In upcoming contacts with this person, new brand-related information may be presented. Like downloading an eBook on a particular subject that is of interest to the target. Thus, the consumer comes to trust the company with great possibility of becoming a conversion.

The situations mentioned above are actions of Inbound Marketing, or Attraction Marketing. They are excellent tools that work well in conjunction with Lead Generation. Today, this is a very important strategy to attract new customers.

Use social networks

Just as corporate blogs with Actions of Inbound Marketing has the power to attract new customers,the performance in social networks is an excellent means of Generating Leads. Here again comes the concept of not only talking about the brand, but about subjects that are of interest to the consumer you want to attract.

For example, a company specializing in the manufacture of rinses for newborns can work with subjects of interest to adult parents of children up to 4 years. Deliver information that will help in the care of the baby and stimulate a conversation with this consumer. And that user, by sharing, can attract new people to the page.

Another bet is creating videos for YouTube. Thus, a cosmetics company can develop tutors about beauty and parallel talk about their products. However, reinforcing, the content should be relevant and add value to the visitor.

The intention of social networks is to create a relationship with potential consumers. What is an excellent way to attract new customers,once again working the attractiveness of relevant issues along with the achievement of the trust of this audience. Almost essential factor for Lead Generation.

Long-term results with real data

One of the advantages of working with Lead Generation in digital media is the possibility of measuring the actions taken to attract new customers. For example, you can evaluate how much was invested to turn a site visitor into a conversion. Or how much was spent on sponsored links and what was the return of this to e-commerce.

All of these metrics are important for analyzing results and correcting possible errors that may have occurred during a campaign. Because of this, this methodology has a much lower cost than normal advertising actions. For, many actions can be reevaluated before the end of a campaign and avoid wasting funds.

It is important for organizations to understand that this is a type of long-term investment. The results will appear after months of campaigning and some testing. Remembering that the consumer needs to be involved by the sales funnel before reaching the conversion.

In all cases, working with Lead Generation will be essential for those who want to improve the performance of a brand in the face of an increasingly disputed market. Relying on these tools to attract new customers will be important for those who want to survive in the face of the competition.

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