Оголошення Adwords, Чому рекламують у Google?

10 Reasons to Advertise on Google Today

Today on the internet Google Adwords is the main tool to advertise your products professionally. Companies, regardless of their size and the niche in which they operate, invest heavily in paid media, which has also helped make Google a benchmark in brand strengthening and online presence.

Through the tool you can build your ads, choose the best keywords, measure the performance of your marketing campaigns, the cost per click and etc.

The issue of keywords is very important because it is through them that ads will appear to customers more likely and interested in their products.

All paid media offers benefits to contractors, however Google Adwords has some very attractive benefits that guarantee its outcome. So let’s know 10 reasons why you can advertise on Google today.

1 – Delivers quick results

Contrary to what seo techniques that take a certain time to take effect, the ads show immediate results.

After all the creation of the campaign strategy, the ads can already be linked and being online the return already happens instantly. Organic techniques need a longer time frame for them to start displaying in the best positions of search engines.

Even if you need a campaign evaluation period, you can already get sales conversions from the moment you start.

2 – Total control over the investment

When your company advertises with Google it has full autonomy of control and administration of the investment made available by the service. The contracting company defines how much you want to pay for the click and the amount that will be spent on the campaigns, so you can analyze what your ROI will be in that activity.

If the company notices that too little an amount is being spent with little result it can pause the campaign, make the necessary adjustments and again give the start to the campaign.

The way of cost-per-click collection is very advantageous for those who hire because the company only pays for customers who are really interested in their products.

3 – Draws the attention of leads at all stages of the sales funnel

One of the most attractive benefits of Google Adwords over any form of online advertising is the ability to reach people regardless of their position on the shopping journey. Ads can target stakeholders who are at various stages of the sales funnel.

Of course, reaching consumers who are ready to purchase their products is the focus of any company. However, handling leads that are still at the beginning of contact with your company is very important to improve the experience of this consumer with your brand. In the future this lead if well taken care of will generate many sales for your company.

Google ads allow a variety of marketing strategies to align with a single purpose, strengthen the brand, and intensify sales. This allows multiple people of different levels and stages to be impacted by your campaigns.

It is always worth mentioning that when we align different marketing strategies in the correct way, conversion results can increase by more than 50%.

4 – Get access to a great multitasking tool

The Adwords platform is well known for its versatility, with many essential tools for total control of digital strategies and nothing better than to rely on everything you need to manage your campaigns in the best possible way.

The support provided to your campaigns puts in your hand all the data necessary for a thorough analysis of the results achieved with the ads.

The key features when advertising in Adwords are:

  • Reports on the results of your ads;
  • Remarketing so that a better use is possible;
  • Full control over campaign functionality.

That’s a big difference, don’t you agree?

5 – You choose the time of your campaigns

10 Reasons To Advertise on Google, Advertise on Adwords

This detail is very important because ads can be configured according to the availability of your target audience. This provides investment savings and greater effectiveness in their campaigns. Choosing to link your ads in the hours of operation of your company, can be performed in near real time, considerably increasing the chances of sale, since the lead is with the desire to purchase effectively.

6 – Ability to reach customers on their mobile devices

According to studies conducted by Google, searches from smartphones or tablets have far outperformed in many consultations made in the traditional way, on home computers. In Brazil more than 80% of people search for their cell phones whenever they need something or to solve a question. Even with all this technological advancement many companies are not yet online, failing to sell considerably every day. By adhering to Google Adwords, the chances of good deals skyrocket, while your customers are accessing the internet on their smartphone.

7 – Your company visible to relevant traffic

Through the platform regardless of the shape of the ad, it will appear for a targeted group, specially selected according to the keywords you have chosen. We can say that your brand will appear to those who really want a product that you offer.

8 – Campaigns measurable and adapted according to results

Among the main features of the platform is the power to measure and monitor the results of your campaigns, identifying what is working and also what needs to be repaired in order to give the desired result again.

The most impressive of all is that this analysis can be done in real time and there is a chance that the idle time of the ad will be as short as possible. After readjusted in the same way it will be possible to calculate whether the changes were beneficial to the campaign.

Of course, in addition to boosting campaigns on Google,your company is building the know-how that can be used as a basis in future marketing campaigns, since knowing the ads that show the best results happens a saving of time and investment.

9 – You have several ad formats

Google seeks the constant development of its platforms in order to offer a service ahead of its competitors and this goes through more efficient ways to link ads on their communication channels.

Those who know the tool when talking about Adwords already imagine sponsored links but goes much further than that. You can create marketing campaigns with banner ads, video ads on Youtube and other Google media.

Each ad format, whether text, image or video has a purpose and can also display different results. So it takes a thorough study to find out the most appropriate way for your marketing strategy.

10 – Have the freedom to manage everything

The biggest fear of marketers to join an ad platform is for sure to be tied to it. Everything that is recent and that requires financial investment arouses distrust by the fear of failure. With Adwords it’s no different.

Many people beyond the fear of investment are afraid of having to continue to use a service even without wanting more. With Google this is not how it works because the factor that the company values most is freedom. That way the contracting company can be quiet and turn all its attention to its marketing campaigns.

Through Adwords you can pause a campaign, regardless of why you want to do it and come back when you want to. In addition the ads are performed as many times as you want and at the time you deem most opportune.

The investment is made according to your need and disposition, where payments can be made in the most comfortable way for the entrepreneur, either by credit card, boleto or by electronic trading platforms.

Ads are targeted to the audience you’re interested in, including Google partner networks. If you notice that one of the partners is not interesting to your company the ads are extinguished immediately.

As stated earlier, but being a great example of the freedom that the platform offers, you can choose which times for your ads to be linked and also the way you want to work: by CPC, CPV, COM or CPA.

No platform offers you such freedom and is as close to you as Adwords.

So there are numerous benefits and reasons why your company doesn’t run its outreach campaigns with Google. Now having a broader view of all the features that are offered hardly your company will be left out of the list of subscribers of this platform

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